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Social Activist Kieran Upadrasta Helps Raise awareness for Cancer Patients so they don't feel alone

Social Activist Kieran Upadrasta Helps Raise awareness for Cancer Patients so they don't feel alone in their journey to recovery

The activist has been a ray of hope for cancer patients that are struggling with their health

“The wish for healing has always been half of health.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people. Not only does it cause mental, physical, and emotional pain to the person, but it also can bring devastation to the entire family as cancer rates continue to rise, social media activists. Kieran Upadrasta is not looking the other way and aims to help cancer patients get their lives back on track.

Kieran, a very successful cybersecurity architect, cyber-defense task force member, and policy advisor, is using his network, skills, and influence to help create a positive change in thousands of lives. The philanthropist got motivated after seeing the pain his child hood school friend had gone through when he got diagnosed with liver cancer. He recalls vividly how his school friend's family struggled to get the necessary healthcare, ultimately leading to his demise.

Since then, Kieran Upadrasta has been on a mission to help as many people as possible. He regularly gives his time and resources to helping cancer patients and believes it's important people don't look the other way. Through his charities, he provides much-needed assistance to struggling families and helps connect them to resources they need to make the journey easier. He is also a strong advocate for policy changes that would help cancer patients receive.

Kieran said to the media, "I firmly believe that if we come together, we can help cancer patients get better and also help fund the research that could finally overcome this deadly disease. We must continue to raise awareness about this issue and help the people in need when they need us the most."

The selfless social activist consistently puts his time, energy, and resources into helping cancer patients. His organization also focuses on providing emotional support to cancer patients and their families so they can have the desire from within to fight back against the deadly disease. He and his network help their cancer patients deal with the disease while continuing to raise awareness and funds for research for it in conjunction with leading institutes.

"Cancer changes your life, often for the better. You learn what's important, you learn to prioritize, and you learn not to waste your time. You tell people you love them." Joel Siegel

Kieran Upadrasta is particularly shown to care for children with cancer and regularly takes his time to connect with children battling life-threatening medical conditions. He runs a group of charities active in various causes, including pollution reduction, climate change, cancer research, and the promotion of world peace.

About Kieran

Kieran Upadrasta is a renowned cybersecurity architect and risk manager with over 25 years of experience in diverse industries. Moreover, he is also a cyber-defense task force member and policy advisor. Those who want to learn more about Kieran or work with him to help make a difference in many lives can head to this website:

Contact Information

Contact Person: Kelly Brooks

Company Name: Humanity And Peace charity


Country: New Zealand



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